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MindCheck is the Weekly Wednesday Kids Mental Health series with Dr. Ray Pataracchia N.D.  MindCheck provides in depth information on the orthomolecular approach to coping with mood and/or behavior disorders.  The MindCheck Health Series is endorsed by the Mindful Network – ‘A Better Future for Children’s Mental Health’.

Gluten-Free Labels

Eating gluten-free does not mean that you have to compromise taste or take long to prepare recipes. Maintaining a gluten-free diet is easy-to-do if you have practical recipes in your repertoire.





Gluten-Free Benefits

The benefits of gluten-free dieting go well beyond what you might expect.  It is not uncommon to see energy and digestion improve dramatically in gluten-sensitive people that eliminate this poorly tolerated protein.  Better mental health is also often an unexpected benefit of gluten-free dieting.


Anytime Gluten-Free Stuffing


This stuffing can be used whenever anytime.  It can be this simple.

Cube frozen gluten-free bread, place in a zip-lock baggy and add olive oil, parsley, sage (or poultry seasoning), sea salt, and pepper.  Feel free to add chopped apples, celery, fennel, olives, or sundried tomatoes if you desire.  Shake the mixture gently then spread on a parchment covered baking tray and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350°F or until bread is browned or toasted.

The following Udi’s® Gluten-Free Recipes can also be used: gluten-free stuffing and fennel and chicken sausage stuffing.