Naturopathic Practitioner & Clinic Director

Dr. Raymond J Pataracchia ND founded the Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic in 2001.

Dr. Pataracchia is a board certified  Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a four year honors degree in Neuroscience from Brock University and a four year post-graduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (Toronto).

His clinic participated in an academic review on “Wellness” in Canada in 2002 (Jackson & Pulliam, 2002, federal report).

Aside from being the Clinic Director and primary Naturopathic Practitioner of the Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic, he has authored hundreds of articles on health and nutrition and has co-authored a resource book on ‘Minerals in Health and Disease’ along with Dr K-G Wenzel, a psychiatrist, and neurologist, in 2005.

With 20 years of literature research on Orthomolecular clinical nutrition and Naturopathic medical approaches on general and mental health conditions, and over 15 years of clinical practice, he has developed an optimal model of wellness.



Dr Ray Pataracchia ND

Dr. Raymond J. Pataracchia BSc ND

Clinic Director

Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic, 2300 Yonge St, Suite 1600