Orthomolecular Treatment Response

Dr. Pataracchia, in this 2010 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Treatment Response article, describes six cases in detail and their response to treatment.  This case series highlights assessment and treatment scenarios common to Orthomolecular psychiatry.

At the clinic we use a targeted battery of tests that uncover an individual’s unique biochemical profile.  As treatment progresses, we assess lab measures and aim to reverse and manage the biochemically influential imbalances in the body.  We aim to achieve consistent continued improvement, and in a significant portion of cases, a complete change in symptoms.

The full article includes the following cases:

Case 1: Chronic Depression and Anxiety – male, 46 years old
Case 2: Chronic Anxiety and Depression – female, 47 years old
Case 3: Schizophrenia – male, 18 years old
Case 4: Schizo-affective Disorder – male, 41 years old
Case 5: ADHD/Dyslexia – male, 42 years old
Case 6: Chronic Depression – female, 56 years old

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