Ray Pataracchia ND, BSc

Nutritional Orthomolecular therapy is the key to overall general & mental health.



Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic (NMRC)

Toronto, ON

Naturopathic Practitioner, Clinic Director

  • I developed an advanced model of wellness for mental health care.
  • I developed a transferable method of targeted assessment and treatment that addresses primary and secondary bio-chemical syndromes common to the general population.
  • My primary syndrome focus is on the assessment and treatment of heavy metal toxicity, thyroid/adrenal imbalance, methylation compromise, and protein catabolism.
  • My secondary syndrome assessment includes a work-up on glucose metabolism, iron imbalance, copper deficiency, niacin deficiency/dependency, digestive dysfunction, food intolerances, and mineral deficiencies.
  • I have published in-depth case studies on orthomolecular treatment response.
  • The assessment and treatment method that I have developed yields positive treatment response. I use hair analysis to assess mineral, metal and endocrine status at the tissue level and compare these findings with peripheral more transient blood and urine measures.
  • I have a track record in severe mental health pathology: 50% of patients achieve moderate to profound improvement, 40% achieve improvements allowing them to meet goals in terms of returning to work and/or being productive in previous vocations.
  • I have done due diligence in providing care for a vast array of conditions.
  • I am a BDDT-N board certified Naturopath.
  • I have developed a comprehensive custom multi that improves patient compliance and patient outcome. The multi formulation is based on my clinical observations with respect to common lab assessment findings and reversals with corresponding nutrients.
  • I have developed assessment techniques that are custom-made including specific copper test procedures, protein catabolic (breakdown) trends, thyroid metabolism assessments, and more.
  • I have an established practice in Toronto with a clinical focus on orthomolecular treatment for the mental health sector. I also treat the general patient population. My current patient base in Toronto predominantly involves complex severe mental illness presentations.
  • I’m often consulting with multiple medical disciplines. I have extensive experience in patient and medical professional communication and have worked often as a team member with other medical professionals.
  • I am a passionate, experienced and dedicated to providing a quality and professional level of service. I’m a sympathetic medical care giver who takes pride in having patients achieve their health goals. I enjoy empowering patients with evidence-based research.
  • I developed an informative clinic blog as a patient resource tool.
  • Please feel free to read my published work.
Education 1997–2001,  Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine,  Toronto, ON

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

1997–2001,  Brock University,  St. Catharines, ON

  • Bachelor of Science, Honors Degree in Neuroscience


Publications / Interests

Book on “Minerals in Health and Disease”

  • I co-authored this resource book with a psychiatrist and neurologist from Germany, Dr Klaus-Georg Wenzel. This book goes over all trace minerals and heavy metals and summarizes key clinical aspects for clinical reference. This resource tool describes clinical applications as related to the use of hair tissue mineral analysis. For those interested, I can provide a copy of my book.

Published Articles


  • My interests include cabinet making, scuba diving, water skiing, fishing, and snow boarding.