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Orthomolecular Treatment Response
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2010; 25(1): 4-16.  Raymond J. Pataracchia BSc ND

Schizophrenia Review

Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2008; 23(1): 21-28 and 23(2): 95-105.  Raymond J. Pataracchia BSc ND

Mood & Behavior Disorders Review
Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic © 2008.  Raymond J. Pataracchia BSc ND




‘Masks of Madness’ Documentary

This documentary video explores the nutritional medicine approach endorsed by our clinic.  It includes real life stories and medical practitioner viewpoints.  This is an excellent video to watch with your family to open up discussions on the advantages of nutrient-based medicine.

Other recommended video’s are provided on our How We Can Help page.

Desktop Reference Book

Desktop Reference

Minerals in Health & Disease: A Source Book for Doctors & Patients

KOS Publishing, Alton, ON, 2005;  Dr. K-G Wenzel MD & Dr. R.J. Pataracchia ND

This book provides an excellent review of trace minerals, macro-minerals, and toxic elements (metals). It can be used as a desktop reference for the public or clinical practitioners.

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